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The Law Office of Erin Olson, P.C. is a litigation firm in Portland, Oregon specializing in the representation of crime victims in civil and criminal cases.

We assist clients in holding accountable the persons and organizations responsible for the crimes committed against them. Accountability can take many forms, and we assist our clients in seeking the form of accountability that is important to them.

Our efforts on behalf of clients have included actions against religious organizations to expose those organizations' efforts to conceal the sexual abuse perpetrated by their clergy, and suits against the State of Oregon to make foster care safer for one of Oregon's most vulnerable populations.

Erin K. Olson started the practice in 2004 after ten years as a prosecutor. She is an experienced and passionate trial lawyer committed to assisting victims of abuse and financial exploitation in seeking justice in civil and criminal cases.

Our firm has successfully represented victims of child abuse, elder abuse (including nursing home abuse and neglect), financial fraud, and sexual abuse and exploitation.

Our clients have included dozens of clergy abuse victims in cases against priests and nuns of the Archdiocese of Portland, the Diocese of Baker, and numerous religious orders including the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), Order of St. Benedict (Benedictines) at Mt. Angel Abbey, the Redemptorists, and several others.

We also frequently represent adults who were sexually and physically abused as children by family members, family friends, and other trusted adults.

Other cases we have successfully litigated include negligence (including negligent security), civil rights violations, wrongful death, and other tort claims against government wrongdoers including the State of Oregon, school districts, municipalities, counties, and officials and employees of those entities.

We also represent victims of assault, sexual assault, and drunk drivers, including the representation of their estates in suits for wrongful death.

Much of the work of our firm involves the pro bono representation of crime victims in criminal cases to assist them in asserting and exercising their constitutional and statutory rights, including the rights to privacy, restitution, and reasonable protection from their offenders. Due to the ever-growing need for such assistance, in 2009, Erin co-founded the Oregon Crime Victims Law Center with other crime victim advocates, and she continues to serve as an active member of its Board of Directors.

Our firm has litigated cases in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Jackson, Jefferson, Deschutes, Umatilla, Marion, Linn, and Malheur Counties in Oregon, in Clark County in Washington, and in federal courts that include the United States District Courts for the District of Oregon and the Western District of Washington, as well as various bankruptcy courts, Oregonís appellate courts, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.